Guidelines for authors 

In this Opinion Section (OpS) we welcome contributions by scientists, teachers, students and all those interested in initiating conversations on topics associated with the atmosphere and its interactions, including humans.  

The entries can be opinions on current topics and also commentaries of recent publications, science news and book reviews.  When possible, support your opinions with evidence and provide the appropriate citations, being aware of copyrighted material.  Provide further reading material which would be valuable for students.

Please contact Dr. Graciela Raga, Editor in Chief at  editora@atmosfera.unam.mx   ahead of your submission to mention your interest in contributing to the OpS.

Contributions (up to 2000 words) must be submitted through the journal online submission system, so OpS potential authors need to be registered as authors in the online system.  

The process starts by clicking on the box “Start New Submission” on the following link: https://www.revistascca.unam.mx/atm/index.php/atm/about/submissions
You will be asked to register if you are not currently an author or reviewer. 

As you proceed with the submission, make sure that you select the option OPINION-CORRESPONDENCE when asked to enter a Journal Section.  

Your submission will be internally reviewed before it is ready to appear online.  Your published contributions are citable, and they will have an individual DOI assigned. A pdf file will also be available for downloads.

The views expressed in this OpS are the author’s sole responsibility and neither Atmósfera nor UNAM can be held accountable.

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  1. Congratulations for this great work that will allow us to know the point of view of scientists on these issues.

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