Guidelines for comments

Guidelines to submit Comments to published entries in the Opinion Section (OpS)

This OpS forum is supposed to be much more agile and flexible than scientific communications and will allow for sharing the personal perspectives of scientists working in research and teaching.  

We want to sponsor conversations on the different topics and those conversations require of your enthusiastic participation!

In order to participate, please adhere to these guidelines when commenting on published entries:

  • Please use your real name.  
  • Please read the prior comments before posting your own, to avoid duplicates.
  • Only postings in English are allowed.  
  • Please be polite when you comment and do not use insulting, offensive or abusive language, which does not foster the conversational environment that we want in this OpS. 
  • Advertisers are not allowed to post comments. 

The moderator reserves the right to approve comments and to remove inappropriate entries. Comments will not appear immediately after submitted, since the moderator may not be available to respond at all times.

We encourage you to participate asking questions and posting comments or suggestions. If you share the published entries in the OpS, please note that the authors hold the copyright. Make sure that you cite their contributions by sharing the link to their entries or by using the provided DOI.

We hope that we will all enjoy this new OpS and learn from each other in a friendly space!!

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