Welcome to the Atmósfera Opinion Section

I would like to welcome everybody to the new Opinion Section (OpS) associated with Atmósfera.

Atmósfera is a scientific journal founded in 1988 by Dr. Julian Adem, the first Mexican climate modeler, who also founded the Center for Atmospheric Sciences at the National Autonomous University on Mexico (known as UNAM).  Atmósfera is an Open Access and indexed journal and is free of charge, consistent with the policy of scientific knowledge available to all. 

The purpose of this Opinion Section is to provide a forum for scientists and students to express their views on topics related to atmospheric and oceanic processes and their variability as well as the earth system science and the impacts caused by human activities.  My name is Graciela Raga and I am currently Editor in Chief of Atmósfera and moderator of this Opinion Section.

We welcome contributions on current topics and also commentaries on recent publications, science news and book reviews. Contributions must be submitted through the journal online submission system: Guidelines for Authors.

Comments to entries are encouraged to foster conversations between readers and authors, about the different topics.  Note that comments to entries require to register and the moderator holds the right to approve or deny publication of a comment: Guidelines for Comments. Authors are also encouraged to respond to the comments their contributions have received. 

The contributions by authors are citable and have been assigned an individual DOI.  Please make sure to give authors the proper credit when discussing their writings.

The views expressed in this Opinion Section are the author’s sole responsibility and neither Atmósfera nor UNAM can be held accountable.

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Dr. Graciela B. Raga is a senior scientist at the Center for Atmospheric Sciences at UNAM in Mexico City. She has been involved over the years in a variety of research projects in the atmospheric sciences, on topics such as: urban air pollution, black carbon, cloud microphysics, electrification and cloud dynamics, mesoscale meteorology and tropical cyclones, aerosol-cloud-climate interactions and short-lived climate pollutants. She is currently the head of the Micro and Mesoscale Interactions research group and the Editor in Chief of Atmosfera.

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